Best ayurvedic doctor in kerala

Professor Dr.Shanavas ,a well reputed Ayurveda researcher and practitioner, is also a specialist in traditional as well as modern methods of treatment. He grew up under the special training of his father, Dr. Devasenan, a well reputed Ayurvedic doctor. Dr. Shanavas has a wife and two sons, all of them are doctors, wife Dr. Moniyamma and two sons Dr. Neehar M Shanavas and Dr. Nikhil M Shanavas. Thus he has the full spirit of Indian system of Ayurvedic treatment and healing. After obtaining his high qualification as a doctor of Ayurveda from the famous Ayurveda College, Trivandrum, Kerala, he served as fully fledged practitioner in several leading hospital by his correct diagnosing the disease and plans up a line of treatment and effective healing of disease.Dr. Shanavas acquiring years of experience ( forty seven years ) and specializing treatnment for almost all incurable illnesses like, MS, Parkinson’s, Skin diseases, HIV and other diseases like low backache , disc complaints, arthritis etc. with very positive outcomes. He spent years of intense research on these types of human illness and has been awarded for his achievements and contributions to the field of medical sciences. He has also an Ayurvedic medicine producing pharmaceutical company, in which couples of medicines are made by him with special preparation for specific diseases. These have proved to the very effective in the treatment of the above illness. His dedication and interest in the field of Ayurvedic medicine and treatment has earned him a reputation that few doctors have been able to achieve during their life time. His major research and interest continues to be on MS and he has achieved immense popularity by curing numerous patients from India as well as from Several Countries.

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